Theresa Zettner
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Malénka is a bagel shop with Polish origins that needed a bright visual narrative to give life to its brand, while expressing a nod to its Slavic heritage.

Through visual and textual research I sourced the root of the branding from traditional Polish Wycinanki (paper cut outs), embroidery, and other handcrafts from various regions. The word malénka is an endearing term in Polish akin to 'little one,' a fitting name for an establishment where the main offering is well-loved and small. In order to enhance the playful nature of the brand I treated the print designs with a risograph effect, amplifying the colors and the brand in turn. The heavy weight of the wordmark is balanced with the lightness of a lighter slab serif for the subhead, aided as well with a classic geometric san serif for body text. I incorporated dark triangles connected by a thin stroke for added structure, grounding the brand expression in certain applications and offering additional elements to brand system.

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