Fall 2022

Class Schedule

ARTG 100
Basic Graphic Design

Develop your skills by learning to use digital tools important to graphic communication.

ARTG 106

Grow your understanding and skills by studying and generating letterforms by hand and computer.

ARTG 118
Graphic Design History

Discover design styles through a comprehensive survey of historical art and design movements.

ARTG 120

Learn conceptual ideation techniques and creative problem solving.

ARTG 124
Page Layout

A study of design layout for two-dimensional graphic projects in print and digital formats.

ARTG 125
Digital Media

Develop your skills by learning to use digital tools used in graphic communication.

ARTG 133
Branding & Packaging

Intermediate level students will create three-dimensional packages and logotypes.

ARTG 138
Process and Production

This course is a practical study of creative processes as they relate to graphic design production.

ARTG 143
Interaction Design 1

This course focuses on practices and strategies to deliver effective website experiences.

Portfolio A

Students will evaluate their work and strategize about what will be included in their final portfolio.

ARTG 163
Interaction Design 3

Learn the design and development of websites through a series of technical workshops.

ARTG 206
Advanced Typography

Students will utilize advanced typographic principles to solve design problems.

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