Eve Rios
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Yours is a new online subscription service that provides contraceptives and menstrual aides. The brand aims to empower its target audiences of sexually active young women, ages 14–20, by challenging the stigma and insecurities associated with female sexuality. Yours strives to provide universal access to its products, fighting the pain points of young women with personal anxiety or intolerant families.

The Yours brand embodies a progressive spirit, with vibrant colors and a personal, unabashed voice. Messaging is raw and confident, speaking about bodies and sex unreservedly. The Gascogne type family was chosen for its high contrast strokes, combined with weathered serifs, giving it an affable personality with quirky imperfections. Simple textured icons are used both as patterning and as a functional indication of the packaged contents. A clean white label adds a punch of contrast to the boxes and accepts variable printing data to customize each package to the customer.

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