Kettle and Scone

Parker Anne
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Kettle & Scone is a neighborhood tea room and bakery in San Diego. Coffee is a staple in many millennials’ mornings, but what if they could have the buzz without the crash? Kettle & Scone’s goal is to make tea and its health benefits an essential for millennials, ages 18-35, who can’t live without caffeine, but are open to coffee alternatives. Kettle & Scone not only wants to wow with their carefully selected range of delicious tea blends, but also create a brand pretty enough to be shared on customers’ Instagram feeds.

Kettle & Scone utilizes 25 different ampersands as its central brand element, including some from unusual typefaces such as Lovers in February and Wonderbar. The wide-range of ampersands creates endless possibilities and keeps the brand fresh and flexible. Graphik, a modern neo-grotesque, is used to contrast the fun with order and readability in key areas. The predominant pink and blue colors, sarcastic millennial copywriting, and use of the typeface Oh No Blazeface reiterate the quirky and boisterous brand personality.

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