Tender Roots

Hannah Yoo
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Tender Roots is a subscription-based baby food brand that only uses sustainably sourced local ingredients and produce. As young parents become more proactive about both the health of our bodies and of our environment, they are especially becoming increasingly aware of what they are feeding their babies, who need important nutrients during their early growth stages. With a focus on locally grown ingredients, Tender Roots hopes to support small local farmers and economy while providing busy parents access to freshly made organic baby food.

Recoleta, a 70’s-style font with soft, friendly edges, was modified for the logo to provide a warm, vintage feel to the brand. To appeal to savvy and young parents, the unexpectedly modern typeface Trash was used as the main brand font. Starburst labels, coupled with bright and playful color combinations associated with fresh fruits and vegetables, helps to differentiate Tender Roots from other baby food brands. A custom branded box was created to protect the reusable jars from damage in shipment, and to reinforce the premium quality of the brand.

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