Chiara Barbagallo & Olvia Larsen

As a craft with known benefits such as reduced anxiety and increased sense of wellbeing, knitting is gaining interest amongst women ages 25–35, who value the traditional techniques and beauty of simpler times. A perfect balance between mom & pop and luxury shop, Ovelle brings to Dublin, Ireland a range of exclusive workshops hosted by renowned knit designers, paired with superb yarn quality—proof of centuries of tradition.

To communicate the femininity of the brand, the name Ovelle was given—a union of the words ovella (sheep) and elle (her). The curvy, old-fashioned and slightly imperfect Edda pro in the logotype, paired with the all caps Lulo Clean implies the coming together of two eras. A tender yet earthy color palette was chosen to reflect the softness of the fibers. The delicate serif Cormorant, placed in a layout grid that is meticulously followed for increased legibility of the pattern instructions, evokes that same feminine yet modern touch, dominant throughout the brand. A universal, visual label is placed on the ready-to-use packages, which keeps costs down and the standards high.

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