Here's What

Kristina Tran & Forrest Ta

Here's What is an American magazine that features essays, commentary, illustration, and criticism written by independent writers. Targeted towards an audience of progressive young adults, ages 23–37, each issue focuses on a topic that requires discourse from the community. The magazine features only content created by qualified writers who have first-hand experience in the particular subject. This creates a unique platform for groups who feel that their voices are silenced, ignored, or spoken over by mainstream media.

Each issue features a vibrant and contrasting palette of Pantone spot colors that evoke a strong sense of emotion to match the serious nature of the content. The illustrations are kept youthful and approachable, with conceptual twists, to keep the magazine engaging to the reader. The Tiempos type family was chosen for its contemporary style, high contrast sophistication and readability as both a header and a body font.

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