Spectrum Labs

Forrest Ta
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Spectrum Labs is a new cosmetics brand that specializes in custom-swatched makeup. The company uses scanning technology to provide personalized foundations for all skintones. Each foundation is made and measured with both skin color and skin type in mind. Spectrum Labs empowers its customers by closing a gap in traditional cosmetic outlets that excludes people with unique skintones. Their product line is expanding to provide the same customization to lipstick, blushes, eyeshadows, and more.

The Spectrum Labs brand takes inspiration from the color, gender, and light spectrums. The triangular shape of the packaging references a prism. The top side of the boxes have a precisely sloped angle that allows visibility of swatch information from the front and top view. The typeface Replica is used for its bold confidence and neutral design that does not reference movements from the past. Spectrum Labs is marketed with inclusive portraits and messaging that gives a voice to its diverse and unique customer base.

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