Forrest Ta & Cynthia Abril

MATE is an underground shoegaze artist whose self-released work has been described as emotionally driven and thought provoking. Her lyrics juxtapose dark themes of abandonment and nostalgia with strong emotions of sexuality and power. She cites her aesthetic influences as 1980s goth bands, French New Wave cinema, and contemporary doom and dream pop. Lies on Fire, the latest studio album by MATE, features a collector’s edition box made especially for fans.

To reference the themes of empowerment and emotion present in Lies on Fire, the color red is used throughout the brand for its strong and provocative presence. Photography, shot with red-gel lighting, has a somber, yet passionate tone. The positioning of the MATE logo speaks of a disregard for order, but is grounded by circular elements. The Roslindale typeface was chosen for its strokes and terminals, which are reminiscent of Old English display fonts found in goth and metal culture. The title of the album references the end of deception and the rise of empowerment.

The art direction, front album cover, poster, and LP label were designed by Cynthia Abril. The back album cover, LP sleeve dieline, collector’s packaging dieline, and moving posters were designed by Forrest Huu Ta. Special thanks to Eduardo Trejo for photography and lighting and Eve Rios for being our model.

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