November 9, 2012

The Definition of Hope

President Barack Obama thanks his 2012 Design Director: San Diego City College Graphic Design Alumni
Josh Higginsjust after his re-election at Obama HQ in Chicago

Poster designed by Josh Higgins for the 2012 Obama campaign

Wanted to celebrate a very special alumni. Many amazing young designers of all ages and life experiences have studied graphic design with us at San Diego City College. This post is for all those students who have spent time at this humble place [T310 and T309-you know what I mean] and all those who will be with us in the future.

Josh Higgins was chosen from a sea of talent because of his extraordinary design skill, personal vision and genuine characterto be the Design Director for the Obama 2012 campaign. He delivered. Josh will be a speaker at next year's AIGA Y Design Conference and I hope our students and alumni can be there to hear his amazing adventures firsthand. We're really proud of you Josh and thanks for being a great inspiration to all of us with your authenticity and work.

I am deeply grateful that I was able to visit with Josh at Obama HQ in Chicago this past June. Seeing the important and incredible work he was creatingI couldn't help but reflect on the gratitude I feel for the opportunity to teach at City College. I know many faculty and staff who share that passion for our students. In 2014 SDCC will celebrate being a part of this community for 100 years. Graphic design will finally get a beautiful new building and lab for the centennial. For my part, I will look fondly back and forward, celebrating our inspiring students and their work, the dedicated teachers and chance to be a part of the SDCC graphic design family. For me that family will always be the definition of hope.

Candice López

*Photo by Christopher Dilts/ Obama Campaign photographer