January 18, 2019

Take Typography This Spring!

Typography in graphic design greatly impacts how people respond to communication. Graphic designers need to skillfully select and use a typeface confidently to get their message across. This is just as important as the imagery, color, scale and other core elements to express the personality and spirit of a brand, product or service.

The right type can evoke emotion, reach your target audience and inspire them to take action. It's not just about readability but so much more to function well. Large companies do intensive research and assessment on how readers are impacted by typography. Where is your type going to be seen, in print or online?

This Typography 106 course CRN 53651 is offered on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 6-9:10pm in our digital lab AH406. The class begins January 28 and ends on May 25 and it's the best way to grow your understanding and confidence working with type. There are just a few seats left so register NOW!

Tuan Le

Ryan Barbadillo

Nour Puch

Want to take the first step and leap into the kind of design thinking and skills that will get you and your work noticed. Are you ready to learn from the best? Professor James Bowman who teaches typography at San Diego City College Graphic Design is going to inspire and push you to grow every step of the way. He is an award-winning Art Director and Designer who knows type backwards and forwards. He currently maintains a freelance practice doing print and digital work for a diverse client list. Passionate about education, he began teaching design in 2002. Seeing so many students flourish ranks among the most rewarding experiences of his life. He has been an active part of the San Diego creative community through volunteer work and as a past member of the AIGA San Diego board of directors. Outside of the office, James enjoys surfing, vintage drums, guitars, Blue Note records and of course looking at and working with type.

Typography Professor James Bowman