December 4, 2017

Spring Fever: Enroll NOW

At San Diego City College we want to grow your graphic design career with next level classes at the most affordable prices in San Diego. Our portfolios get results and we look forward to working with you next Spring. Learning more about our courses, instructors and the exciting projects you will be creating is just a click away.

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Eleven classes are already closed as graphic design courses fill fast. If you are still looking to enroll the good news is there are still some open seats in these sections.


Open Courses of of 12/11/17

CRN 53557 Basic Graphic Design meets T/Th from 6-9:10pm

CRN 93774 and CRN48463 Typography meets M/W 9:35-12:45 and M/W 6-9:10pm

CRN 93783 and CRN 97391 Design History Fully online section and on campus class which meets T/Th 9:35-11am for 8 weeks then fully online for the remaining 8 weeks.

CRN 94898 and CRN 93769  Digital Media  Fully online section and on campus T/Th 9:35-12:45

CRN 01965  Professional Practices M/W 6-9:10pm

CRN 95406 Portfolio B M/W 9:35-12:45

CRN 01978 Portfolio Building M/W 1-4:10pm

Whatever your skill level and interest we have a dynamic line up of Spring offerings to explore. A few highlights this Spring.

ARTG 135 Professional Practices

CRN 01965 // MW 6:00PM – 9:10PM Professor MaeLin Levine Still seats remaining in this class!

Get real about your design career and learn from one of the best in the business-Professor MaeLin Levine. Past President of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, an AIGA National Design Fellow and Principal of an award winning, very busy design firm Visual Asylum. Maelin has helped launch numerous design careers and brings her vast expertise to City this Spring. The focus will be on job hunting skills, keeping and growing at a design job, and how to plot a successful design career. Aspects of working as a freelance designer will also be covered including contracts, costs and billing. Students work on real-world projects to assess their strengths and weaknesses, create a personal brand, and interact with various working professionals. Topics also include self-promotion, contracts, and professional networking. We are thrilled to be offering this one of a kind practical class that will help you bridge the gap from school to the working world.

ARTG 148C Portfolio Building

CRN 01978 // MW 1:00PM – 4:10PM  Professors Sean Bacon & Candice López  Still seats remaining in this class!

This course is intended for graphic design students with at least digital media and typography under their belt. The course will guide you to develop and build substantial portfolio projects. Emphasis is placed on assessment of current trends and the development of original typeface and application to reach specific target markets. We do amazing real world projects in this class that get produced. For example: Check out this video to see one of this year's projects-environmental graphic design for  6 floors of the Research and Development Building at Qualcomm. This past semester we created graphics for the San Diego International Airport including concession ads, vehicle graphics and monument design and everything will be on display at the airport in the new year! Be a part of this exciting course and learn to develop design for the real world.

ARTG100 Basic Graphic Design

CRN 53577 // TTH 6:00PM – 9:10PM  Still room in this section!

Looking to get started in your graphic design career? Enroll in Basic Graphic Design and learn to use digital tools important to graphic communication. Software includes Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Discover the fundamental principles of graphic communication that will form the core of your design education. You'll learn to develop patterns that can be applied to design projects, color theory and how to use design principles and achieve visual impact as a designer.

ARTG106 Typography

CRN 93774 // MW 9:35AM – 12:45PM Professor Rosemary Rae  Still a few seats remaining in this section!
CRN 48463 // MW 6:00PM – 9:10PM Professor James Bowman  Still seats left in our night section!

Grow your understanding and skills by studying and generating letterforms by hand and via computer. Learn essential terminology, type classification and historical background of fonts and families. Focus on type proportion, hierarchy, legibility, composition and structure. Emphasis is placed on the formal aspects of designing with typographic elements and effective visual communication using letterforms. Solve typographic design problems and develop aesthetics.