May 30, 2015

San Diego City College Graphic Design Portfolio Class of 2015

The San Diego City College Graphic Design Class of 2015 under the outstanding leadership of Professor Sean Bacon brought home more honors than any other design program in San Diego once again. The hardworking class took 13 of the 17 awards at the 2015 American Institute of Graphic Arts San Diego Portfolio Review. These included Best Identity and Branding, Best Interactive, Best Environmental Graphic Design, Best Sustainability, Best Packaging, Best Design for Good, Best Handmade Design, Best Advertising, Best Designer as Entrepreneur, Best Cross Cultural Design and the Student Choice Award as well as Second and Third Place Overall.Here are links to the work of the 2013 and 2014 Portfolio classes showcasing the strong tradition of exceptional work by San Diego City College at the American Institute of Graphic Arts reviews.Please take a look at the incredible portfolios of our 2015 class.

Mel Acevedo

Mel AcevedoPortfolioWebsite

Gabrielle Aleman

Gabrielle Aleman AIGA Winner: Best HandmadePortfolioWebsite

James Allen

James AllenPortfolioWebsite

Yvonne Anaya

Yvonne AnayaAIGA Winner: Best Designer as EntrepreneurPortfolio

Gladys Becerra

Gladys BecerraPortfolioWebsite

Michael Connors

Michael ConnorsPortfolioWebsite

Jake Gavino

Jake GavinoAIGA Winner: Student Choice AwardPortfolio Website

Tessa Hatleid

Tessa HatleidPortfolio

Kekoa Hudgens

Kekoa HudgensPortfolio

William Inglis

William InglisPortfolioWebsite

Lindsay Jonkers

Lindsay JonkersAIGA Winner: Second Place OverallAIGA Winner: Best Identity and BrandingPortfolio

Bridget Kilgallon

Bridget KilgallonAIGA Review Winner: Best InteractiveWebsite

Harry Kim

Harry KimAIGA Winner: Best PackagingPortfolioWebsite

Fannie Ko

Fannie KoAIGA Winner: Best Design for GoodPortfolioWebsite

Michael Marston

Michael MarstonPortfolioWebsite

Froilan Medina

Froilan MedinaPortfolio

Amber Myers

Amber MyersPortfolioWebsite

Rolando Ortiz

Rolando OrtizPortfolio

Abril Ramirez

Abril RamirezAIGA Winner: Best Cross Cultural DesignPortfolio

Nestor Sanchez

Nestor SanchezAIGA Winner: Third Place OverallAIGA Winner: Best AdvertisingPortfolioWebsite

Sam Spratt

Sam SprattAIGA Winner: Best Environmental Graphic DesignPortfolio

Tila Williams

Tila WilliamsAIGA Winner: Best SustainabilityPortfolio

Satomi Yuinawa

Satomi YuinawaPortfolio

Sean Bacon and the SDCC Graphic Design 2015 Portfolio Class celebrates completing portfolio.