October 25, 2017

City Studio meets Qualcomm

Advanced Graphic Design Students from San Diego City College partnered with Qualcomm to create environmental graphic design for 6 floors of elevator bays.  Working in small teams they presented distinct proposals and the Inventors Innovate direction was selected by Qualcomm. Students produced 3 dimensional design that was placed inside recessed areas on each floor of the Research and Development Building on the Qualcomm campus.

Each semester City Studio opens doors to real world opportunities and we are grateful for the support of our friends at Qualcomm. Led by Professor Sean Bacon, with support from Professors Candice López and Bradford Prairie the work was conceptualized, created and installed by students.  The opening celebration is slated for this coming Thursday October 26. Appreciate the support of Qualcomm team members Christi Gilhoi and Steve Lauberth who helped make it happen. Thanks to Bradford for pulling this dynamic time-lapse documentation video together. Hats off to all the amazing City Studio students who put in long hours to make their work a reality.

City Studio Design Team: Anthony Leib, Giovanni Farin, Brie Witko, Carol Taira, Chanelly Laguna, Professors Bradford Prairie and Sean Bacon with Steve Lauberth of Populate

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