April 18, 2018

Calligraphy Workshop Friday April 20, 3-6pm

Calligraphy workshop this week. Please join AIGA SDCC and San Diego City College Graphic Design alumni Heber Miranda. Pictured here are some of the stunning calligraphy pens he makes by hand. Friday April 20 from 3-6pm in Room AH402 in the Arts & Humanities Building at San Diego City College

Heber Miranda is a designer and self-declared typomaniac whose passion for letters and typography is the driving force in his design aesthetic. Heber started making pens as a fun experiment  to see if I he could replicate an expensive pen. He pulled out an old wooden dowel and using his xacto knife began to carve his first pen. His desire for a better writing instrument fueled his passion to keep experimenting. Because he has larger hands it was also difficult to find a comfortable pen so he was forced to make it himself. In this same way his calligraphy journey began, pen making was really an extension of a hobby that combined his passion for letters and the thrill of making something with his own two hands. What started as a hobby has grown into a business and Heber get requests to craft a holder for clients that might have a specific hand problems. It's rewarding to help them overcome challenges that might prevent personal expression through calligraphy. Crafting just the right pen changes all that and this brings great personal satisfaction. Aesthetics is also a driving force and this is evident when you see the incredible pens he turns out.

Heber's process to make pens includes these steps: It all starts with carving out the general shape and ergonomics. Half of the fun here is discovering what the chosen wood will reveal. He then gets into the details where he tends to create flat planes when carving. Often he creates highly organic shapes inspired by nature and sands, sands and sands some more. Then next step is to apply a clear finish then add a shiny new flange-usually a nickel silver Bullock. Then it's time to pack and ship each pen to the new owner.

This calligraphy workshop is FREE and open to SDCC Graphic Design students.

Please remember you must RSVP to aigasdcc@gmail.com