2022 Retrospective

A Year Told With 34 Stories.

San Diego City College Graphic DesignInstagram Icon@sdcitygd
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One year.
Thirty-four stories.

These portfolios document the endless dedication of 34 diverse visual designers, pushed through countless hours of critiques, revisions, and imposter syndrome. Through collaboration and mutual support, they navigated the creative process together, proving to themselves and each other that they have what it takes to be part of the design industry.

Can I use lorem ipsum in regular conversation?”

—Rachel Detloff

Success is measured in ‘fair enough’ and ‘it’s getting close.’”

—Natalie Holland

Life isn't always #000000 and #FFFFFF.”

—Carlos Herrera

Nice work on this, but I think we should change everything.”

—Bradford Prairie

Sleep? Who's that?”

—Millie Lozano

Click click click click nooooo click click click click yay.”

—Silvia Diffenderfer

Failure is part of the process.”

—Larissa Swift

Remember when you knew what day it was?”

—Theresa Zettner

Square peg, round hole.”

—Sean Bacon

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