Saito Cafe

Jamil Lat
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Based in Portland, Oregon, Saito Coffee & Tea is a small Japanese coffee and tea house owned by two brothers from Japan, which targets college students and enthusiasts ages 18-35. A place where they can either relax with a cup of tea along with their peers while appreciating the traditional Japanese architecture of the interior of the cafe or study for their midterm exam late at night with a cup of coffee in hand. The cafe gives their patrons a little taste of Japan while also serving delicious drinks and delightful snacks straight from the country itself.

To show a minimalistic and modern style of Japan, I used a strong shade of Blue to show calmness and stability, accented by a light cream color for bold contrast. Menu layouts were kept clean and airy for a soft, sophisticated look. I used the Brother 1816 typeface for the logo and throughout brand for its eclectic mixing Geometric shapes with Humanistic strokes. This was paired with Acumin Pro Condensed, chosen for its sturdy confidence and harmony with the type system.

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