Emily Hall
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Nura Hotel is an upscale business hotel in Dubai catering to foreign travelers and locals alike. The hotel is a space to conduct business, whether it be through meetings, gatherings, or dining. Offering a modern and bright atmosphere that also pays homage to traditional Arabic style, the hotel is welcoming and versatile for many different visitors. Nura targets guests, ages 36-52, who typically come from large industries like tech, finance, oil, and transportation. Visitors come to conduct business in a simple and modern space with no frills. This audience appreciates having all amenities available to them through the hotel, such as bars, restaurants, and spas. The brand, website, stationery, and packaging must communicate a high-end style with approachable simplicity.

A custom typeface inspired by arabic letters was created to give a unique personality to the brand. It is sleek and modern with a low x-height, combining curves with straight rigid lines. This typeface was used for the logo, a simple wordmark with Arabic charm. The brand is friendly and simple, utilizing rich colors like navy, gold, and burgundy. A simple rounded sans serif feels open and trustworthy, and patterns based on simplified traditional Arabic patterns are a playful and dynamic element.

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