Little Beast

Ami Ipapo-Glass
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Little Beast is a gender-neutral clothing line for toddlers that integrates bold colors, fun patterns, and strong brand ideals. The company’s name references the wild, uninhibited spirit of a tiny human. Little Beast wants to create a cohesive visual identity, as well as eco-friendly and eye-catching packaging for their brand, which is currently sold online and in specialty boutiques. Little Beast targets upper-middle class parents of toddlers, aged 30-45, who value style, comfort, cultural awareness, and artistic expression.

I chose bold complimentary colors for Little Beast, being mindful to avoid the use of blues and pinks stereotypically associated with toddler clothing. I created a series of custom icons to help communicate the values central to the brand. The lightning bolt icon incorporated into the logo is inspired by David Bowie, an iconic symbol of androgyny. For brand typography, I mixed the playful Populaire with sturdy Serifa. Simple apparel packaging is printed on recycled cardstock with a diecut lightning bolt to offer a sneak peek of the fabric inside. The inner panel of the packaging can be repurposed as an interactive craft space. Kids are given thought-provoking prompts and ideas to illustrate, and parents are encouraged to share the resulting creativity on social media platforms.

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