Casio Classics

Ami Ipapo-Glass
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Casio plans to rebrand their line of vintage watches, originally designed and manufactured between 1980-1989, as a separate subdivision of Casio Electronics. The company wants to bring more visibility and consumer accessibility to these products by creating fun, retro packaging and a specialized e-commerce website.

I named this collection Casio Classics, building on the original Casio logo. The clean and classic Neue Haas Grotesk is the singular typeface used, and the primary brand colors are black and white. A 1980s aesthetic is evoked through splashes of retro colors and patterns inspired by Memphis design, a movement that dates back to 1981. Witty brand messaging is used on packaging and throughout the website to appeal to a target audience who values nostalgia and authenticity. Additionally, individual watches in the collection are named after characters referencing 1980s pop culture. The Casio Classics website includes a simple, user-friendly checkout process, which is much improved over the current Casio site.

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