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After years of sowing seeds and nourishing creative ideas, our students are ready to display their harvest. Despite facing the occasional creative drought, our resilient designers banded together to cultivate a thriving community. Gather with us as we share the bounty of this year’s portfolio season.

2024 Portfolio Class

Amelia Adams
Megan Bridges
Tim Burke
Rebekah Chon
Rafdhel Cortez
Emma Davis
Libby Daisy DeGregorio
Joseph Durant
Gabriel Emidio
Katherine “Suzy” Ervin
Maria Favela
Marc Gambito
Bryan Garlejo
Bradley Graham
Lina Guerrero
Karina Hernandez
Lenith Chance Hernandez
Luis Huerta
Colin Ingram
Kaitlyn Julieann
Erika Kim
Babz Kinsel
Fernanda Martinez
Sarah Minarik
Alyssa Miranda
Mikayla Montoya
Jie Ding Murray
Antonio Navarro Jr
Alfiia Osipova
Renzel Reyes
Robi Ruocco
Whitney Shay
Alexis Soto
Daisy Tat
AJ Torres
Michelle Lynn Upchurch
Katie Wald
Brooke West

Libby Daisy DeGregorio

Alexis Soto

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